Why are internships so important?

Why are internships so important?

“We strongly encourage you to have at least one internship experience before your graduate!”


Some Summer Internship Opportunities we have gathered for you (click on the names to get to their websites):

For more opportunities visit the American Chemical Society’s Get Experience website:


internshipscom is another source of Internship opportunities.

Note: Even if the deadlines for some of the internships are are passed, contact the program director or person in charge, they may have sots available for you.

Should you need any assistance or letter of recommendation, feel free to contact us:

Dr. Akbay, Chair: cakbay@uncfsu.edu

Dr. Autrey, Assistant Chair: dautrey@uncfsu.edu

Or other faculty members in our department: http://www.uncfsu.edu/chemistry/faculty-and-staff 


Why are internships so important? 

You’re a recent college graduate with a killer cover letter, a stellar grade point average and glowing recommendations. But if one important item is missing from your résumé, good luck trying to get a position at The McTigue Financial Group in Chicago. You need an internship.

Internships and the economy: The hope of gaining an advantage for future employment has increased both the number and quality of internship applications.

“Internships have become key in today’s economy,” says Melissa Benca, director of career services at Marymount Manhattan College in New York City.

Graduating students with paid or unpaid internships on their résumé have a much better chance at landing a full-time position upon graduation. Students are doing internships as undergraduates, and it is now not unusual for recent grads to take an unpaid internship with hopes of turning it into a permanent position or at least making some contacts and building their résumé.”

Benefits of Internship for Students:

Besides getting a foot in the door with a potential employer and looking good on a résumé, internships have other advantages:

• The opportunity to “test drive” a career (Would I be happier in marketing or advertising? Am I more comfortable working with patients or in a lab?)

• Chances to network

• Establishing relationships with mentors

• Possible college credit or certification

• An introduction to the field’s culture and etiquette (Are clients addressed by their first name? Are jeans appropriate for Casual Friday?)

• Accumulating new skills

• Gaining a “real world” perspective on an occupation (How much overtime do employees really work? How much time is spent behind a desk versus in the field?)

Read More:  http://www.cnn.com/2010/LIVING/worklife/04/14/cb.why.internships.important/

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